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Roadblocks to Hydration:  What items in your daily life prevent the body from reaching complete hydration?  Natural Action Technologies Research.

1. Emotions

  • . Dogmatic Position, stuck, defensive (in Large Intestine)
  • . Fear (refers to Kidney)
  • . Sadness (in Lung)
  • . Anger (in Liver)
  • . Scared / Overexcited (in Heart)
  • . Disgrace / Shame (Conception Vessel)
  • . Worry (Spleen)

2. EMF’s Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (Cell Phones, Computers, Microwaves)

3. Physiological Kidney Toxicity (Diaplex/Arginex/Chinese Herbs)

4. Pathological Bacteria

5. Parasites (Protozoans, Spirochetes, Roundworms, Flukes, Virus, Yeast, Fungus, Molds)

6. Kidney Under energized (Right Kidney 3 TCM Acupuncture Point)

7. Heavy Metal Toxicities (Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic, Etc.)

8. Food Chemicals / Additives (Processed Salt, Sugar, Trans Fats, MSG, etc.)

9. Teeth Maladies (Cavities, Fillings, Crowns, Braces, Dead teeth, Cavitations)

9. Liver Qi (Underenergized / Stagnant - Left Liver 3)

10. Nutrition - Water (toxic, underenergized, and under oxygenated) (Lack of / not drinking enough - Chronic dehydration )

11. Nutrition - Air (Toxic & Polluted - Cigarettes, Paints, Welding, Cleaning Agents, Exhaust, etc. )

12. Nutrition - Lack of Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes

13. Dessicants (aka Drinks that Dry out the Body) (Drinking alcohol-beer/wine,whiskey, soda, coffee, Red Bull, sports drinks)

14. Pharmaceuticals (Look at the side of effects of medications, esp. dessicates kidneys and liver?)

15. Feng Shui - (Negative Feng Shui energy creates water difficult too assimilate)

16. Clothes (Toxic materials leach into skin)

17. Personal Health Items (skin creams, toothpastes, shampoos, etc.)

Bringing Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Products to these arenas will promote increased hydration long term.

2014. Natural Action Technologies Research

 What items in your daily life prevent the body from reaching complete hydration?  

Natural Action Technologies Research.

Roadblocks to Hydration