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Natural Action Structured Water House Unit

Natural Action Structured Water Products and Clayton Nolte produce the most effective Structured Water Technology made available to the public.

Natural Action Technologies, Inc. creates technology through products that enhance life, clarity and consciousness.     Today, Natural Action Technologies, ships their products to over 22 countries worldwide.

 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

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​Portable Unit

You will be getting healthy benefits of; soft healthy skin and hair, reduced hard water build-up and more…  

Chapter 5 with jon butts

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
H2O is birthed out of water
Transmutation Cold Fusion
Metatron's Cube

 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

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 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

Chapter 4 with jon butts

Structured Water Products:
an alternative
​to water filters system

What is Structured water?
Cancellation Factor

Is the battle over water becoming the next oil?  These facts show the seeds of a dangerous new paradigm. Empower yourself by exploring more sustainable solutions. Natural Action Technologies, the manufacturer of Structured Water Units is creating a Water Revolution.

The topic of water is a huge issue and often misunderstood. Scientists have proven that water is a life force, has energy, and contains a multitude of healing modalities. Join this water conscious movement and be a part of water’s evolution.

Natural Action Technologies emulates the critical natural flow qualities found in mountain streams and rivers, which restore water’s natural properties. Often dubbed the “world’s greatest solvent”; water is its own filter. Through copying motion and material properties which enhance this natural quality, Natural Action supports the idea of no or limited filtration. Whether tap or spring, “The life-giving properties and natural directives are water are enhanced,” says Clayton Nolte.


Chapter 3 with jon butts

Chapter 2 with Jon Butts 

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Structured Water EVOLUTION

The Commercial Structured Water Product is a powerful solution for bringing Structured Water both indoors and outdoors for your business, farm, pool, landscape, and more..                        

Jon Butts, CEO, VP Production and Application Engineer at Natural Action Technologies talks about the science behind the free-flow devices in this five-part series.

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 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

CHapter 1 with Jon Butts

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​Enjoy all the benefits of Structured Water for cooking, drinking, showers or baths, laundry, gardening, swimming Pools , Spa, pets and so much more.              

Dynamically Enhanced

 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

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Jon Butts - Structured Water Applications

 Natural Action Technologies, Inc.

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Contact: Corinne Marin

Structured Water  is created by the natural action of water found in nature

String Theory
Quantum Mechanics,
Phi Ratio, Manifestation ...

This is the fifth video in the series: Jon Butts, VP Production and Application Engineer of Natural Action Technologies talks about the science behind our free-flow devices in a five part series.

Dynamically Enhanced

2 Structured Water Mini  Shower Units Pictured

Solid Awareness
Left/Right Cancellation Forces
Surface Tension
Holistic Value

3 Commercial Units Pictuired