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Just like our precious planet, our body consists of more than 70% water. We spend billions on bottled water each year, we are drinking more water than ever, and yet 75% of the world's population is chronically dehydrated.Research confirms that the molecules of most of the water we consume daily are aligned in a chaotic, large-clustered manner.  The chaotic structure of water molecules is transformed into a single-file alignment, mimicking the body's own natural state of healthy cell water, thereby creating optimally energized, bio-available water.

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Structured Water Learning Center

What Is Structured Water?  Learn about the Science behind Structured Water. Hydration Facts, Structured Water Vs Filtered Water and more.  Learn What Dynamically Enhanced Water is all about?  Watch Videos on Structured Water and Structured Water Testimonials.   FREE Educational classes are provided by Natural Action Technologies twice a month.  Clayton's Classroom; A Live Interactive Free Teleclasse offered by Natural Action Technologies, Inc. continues to share its discoveries, fueling the possibilities of what more is possible.  

Drinking water doesn't equal hydration.

Connect with Clayton Nolte, inventor of Natural Action Technologies® Structured Water products, in our bi-monthly tele-class. This is a great opportunity to call in and learn more about Structured Water, the benefits and the science behind it, and our Structured Water products. You will be provided time to ask questions, or just listen to expand your education.  More...

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