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I Have A Waterfall Shower Everyday!

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Super Shower, Natural Action Technologies

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Large Garden Unit + Cobalt Blue Shower Head

The Ultimate Shower, Natural Action Technologies

I have been using Clayton Nolte's structured water products since about 2007 when he gave me one of his first shower unit prototypes!   It was cluncky and unattractive but made the shower amazing!   I used it without a shower head because it felt like standing under a water fall. Needless to say, I often used up the hot water supply!  

After my showers I was immediately impressed with how my skin felt soft and moisturized!

My recent upgrade was installing, (very easy!)  a large Dynamically Enhanced Garden Unit with a Dynamically Enhanced Shower Head (Showerhead pictured Now Discontinued By Manufacturer.)   This is Truly The Ultimate Shower!

Some might say this is overkill--but I call it heaven! I rent my home and I'm unable to install a House Unit on the main water line so I structured every thing else I can. In the long run this is an economical way to give me the best and healthiest water available for my whole body! If I want a structured water bath I fill the tub and run the shower on it for a couple of seconds and voila!! Thank you Clayton!

C. Marin
November 2016

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Dynamically Enhanced Super Shower

Structured ShowerHead  is longer available.  any Standard Shower head can be used,