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The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner.  Natural Action Produces the most effective Structured Water Products made available to the public.
​Inventor Clayton Nolte founderof Natural Action Technologies, Inc., has spent his entire life engineering and reverse-engineering technologies that are truly “out of this world.” 

Structured Water  is created by the natural action of water in nature…

  • Increased hydration
  • Increased skin and hair health
  • Improved growth of crops
  • Lower water surface tension
  • Reduces pipe corrosion
  • Healthier gardens and livestock
  • Improves illness immunity
  • ​Detoxifies pollutants
  • Fresh tasting invigorating water
  • Low surface tension, less than 46 dynes per cubic centimeter
  • Wonderful showers & baths – no chlorine smell
  • Hydrates skin, no more dry itchy ski
  • Hair & skin rinses cleaner and feels better when washed
  • Less soap necessary when washing
  • Lessens the effects from sunburns
  • Healthier plant growth – green lawns – lower freezing point
  • Reduces chlorine requirements for spas & swimming pools
  • Reduces pipe corrosion
CAM Consulting, LLC, Structured Water Products,

CAM Consulting, LLC.

Here at CAM Consulting, LLC.  we are dedicated to you and all your Structured Water needs.

Enjoying Original Structured Water Products, we  been following Clayton's Journey  and we are in agreement with Clayton's Mission Statement of Sharing Structured Water with the World..  Clayton has the Best Original Structured Water Unit available to the public. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer.  

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We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine what type of Structured Water Product you should get and what type of benefits roll along with it, but now it's easier than ever to determine what to get.

Structured Water Products, Structured Water,

by Clayton Nolte

Structured Water Benefits:

Mr. Nolte spent the next 40 years in Research and Development, working as a consultant to various agencies. His assignments included traveling the world discovering new technologies and reverse engineering that would emulate nature and expose mysterious knowledge, thought of as unworldly. During his research, a unique recurring phenomenon in water was discovered. Water was the only constant in almost every study and present in many places considered “impossible.” After years of studying this marvel, nature finally unveiled the true properties of Structured Water. This understanding became the catalyst for Clayton to turn all his focus toward this fascinating phenomenon in nature.  

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Additional Benefits You Will Enjoy: 

Clayton has always been consumed with the infinite possibilities.  As a young teen growing up on a farm in the Midwest, Clayton soloed his first airplane at 14, fueled with a passion to get a higher perspective of how things work. Academically, he has 14 years of higher education specifically in math, physics and chemistry.  All of Clayton’s intellectual studies centered around asking questions and looking to the Universe for the answers.​​